Michael Simeone

Huntington, New York

631 742 2076


My passion for photography was passed down to me by my father at the tender age of 10. As I became an older and more mature photographer, I started to visualize the art of photography in a much more human way. I had begun to experience the process of creating an image from a perspective of emotion and deep thought.

Gone were the days of just snapping away, as I now strive to create meaningful images that make the viewer stop to think, feel, and ponder the thoughts behind the eyes of the subject.

Over the last 10 years, several of my landscape and street scene projects have made it into various art galleries around Long Island. My work has expanded to selling large Giclee prints online, and providing businesses with calendars and prints of my Huntington Street Scenes series.

In recent years I have refined my photography business to focus on working with models, actors, and TV personalities. It is the people I work with that inspire me to create the striking images that grace the pages of their portfolio. Nothing has become more fulfilling than producing an image for a client that brings a smile to their face the first time they see it, and again when they look back on it years later.